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AquaClear Aquarium Power Filters
Quiet, efficient and reliable. Aqua Clear stands alone as the only aquarium power filter that offers the integrated filtration of the CycleGuard Insert System. Aqua Clear combines the largest volume of efficient filter media in individual inserts with the powerful water flows from the free floating impeller. Alternate replacement of the CycleGuard inserts ensures continuous biological removal of organic toxins can be achieved. The waterfall style output from the Aqua Clear filter agitates the surface of the water while creating beneficial currents throughout the entire volume of the aquarium. Both the surface agitation and the rotational currents bring more water molecules to the surface, in physical contact with the atmosphere, enabling them to release carbon dioxide and replenish oxygen more efficiently. In addition, the constantly moving water currents do not allow dead spots to occur in the aquarium, eliminating the possibility of thermal layering. Water input per hour is regulated by adjusting the patented flow adjustment mechanism, tailoring the flow rate to the aquarium's requirements. When the flow adjustment reduces input, the water returned to the aquarium is still equal to input, but the top grid in the filter basket circulates purified water back into the motor chamber so that the pump filters 150 gallons per hour even when adjusted to siphon less. Water may be filtered more than once without reducing the actual flow rate of the pump unit. The Aqua Clear 30 actively draws dirty aquarium water through the integrated siphon/strainer assembly into the pump impeller chamber. The flow diverter directs the powerful water current from the impeller chamber under the filter basket. The water is forced to move through the provided filter media and then returned purified to the aquarium. Aqua Clear Power Filters are designed to fully exploit the benefits of removing aquarium wastes both mechanically and biologically. The recommended CycleGuard filter media, when used and rotated as suggested, ensures that both mechanical removal of particulate matter and biological filtration of ammonia and nitrite combine for proven beneficial results to all aquarium inhabitants. Aqua Clear's unique CycleGuard system offers maximal amounts of time proven filter media to perform the assorted purification jobs required for optimal water conditions in the aquarium. CycleGuard inserts break the water stream into many ever-changing channels, passing through the entire length of media before being returned to the aquarium. The CycleGuard Media Step System provides extremely effective mechanical debris removal. The screen size for particles reduces with each step, trapping the large particles first and the fine ones deeper in the chamber. The Step 1 Foam traps larger particulate matter before it can clog and block other inserts. Step 2 Ultragrade Activated Carbon adsorbs liquefied wastes and color bodies and traps fine debris escaping from the foam. CycleGuard is unique--the inserts are designed to be replaced alternately, conserving slowly replicating beneficial bacteria and enhancing the natural reduction of ammonia and nitrite. All inserts provide valuable sites for bacterial colonization. The strong water flow ensures adequate oxygenation through the entire filter chamber volume. Biological filtration is continuous with the CycleGuard system. Bacterial populations left after regular maintenance seed all new media very rapidly, keeping water conditions stable and safer for fish. Free Step 1 and Step 2 media are included in the box!

AquaClear Aquarium Power Filters

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AquaClear 20 Aquarium Power Filter

For Aquariums up to 20 gallons
100 GPH
Model A-595
SKU: 172855

$29.99 $25.99

AquaClear 30 Aquarium Power Filter

For Aquariums up to 30 gallons
150 GPH
Model A-600
SKU: 165433

$39.99 $32.99

AquaClear 50 Aquarium Power Filter

For Aquariums up to 50 gallons
200 GPH
Model A-610
SKU: 165476

$42.99 $37.99

AquaClear 70 Aquarium Power Filter

For Aquariums up to 70 gallons
300 GPH
Model A-615
SKU: 165514

$59.99 $49.99

Store Prices Vary

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