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Kaytee Fiesta Food for Mice & Rats
Kaytee Fiesta Food for Mice & Rats
Kaytee Fiesta Food for Mice & Rats

Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Mice & Rats – Quality Rat and Mouse Food

Make mealtime for your small pet healthy and exciting with Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Mice & Rats. The nutritious mixture of gourmet rat and mouse food is specially designed with your pet’s health in mind. Fortified pellets, specialty seeds and grains, high quality dried fruits and veggies, and nuts form the nutritional base of a high quality, nutrient-rich diet for your rat or mouse. The formula for this mouse and rat food includes prebiotics and probiotics which stimulate proper functioning in your small pet’s digestive system. A balance of Omega-3 fatty acids helps keep everything from the brain to the eyes healthy. Fiesta MAX for Mice & Rats is scientifically formulated and thoroughly tested to ensure quality nutrition; that way, you know that you are feeding your small pet the rat or mouse food he needs.

Rats and mice are clever furry friends, and they should have a food that stimulates them as well as nourishes them. That’s why Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Mice & Rats includes ingredients that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The medley of flavors, shapes, and types of food keeps your small pet continuously engaged with his meal. This stimulating mouse and rat food provides an exciting eating experience for even the pickiest of rodents.

The two keys to a healthy diet for your pets are quality and quantity control. When it comes to rat and mouse food, you can have too much of a good thing. That’s why you should always refer to the manufacturer label for recommendations on daily serving sizes. The recommended portions for mouse and rat food differ depending on which pet you have. Kaytee Fiesta MAX Food for Mice & Rats is available in 2 pound and 4.5 pound resealable bags, so you can choose just how much food you want to stock up on to suit your pet’s needs.

Kaytee Fiesta Food for Mice & Rats

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  • DHA Omega-3 supports your small pet’s heart, brain and eyes
  • Mouse and rat food entices and stimulates the eating experience by including ingredients of different shapes and sizes
  • Prebiotics and probiotics aid in digestive health
  • Rat and mouse food comes in a resealable bag for freshness

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Kaytee Fiesta Food for Mice & Rats
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Kaytee Fiesta Food for Mice & Rats
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