TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet
TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet
TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet

TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet

TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet transitions fish in and out of winter. During the colder months it takes more time for Koi and goldfish to digest food since the cold water lowers their metabolism. To help avoid digestive disorders and illness, it is important that food is digested quickly.

Wheat germ contains highly digestible protein and is the principle ingredient in TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet. This wheat germ diet is digested and passed through the gut efficiently.

Proper nourishment in the fall and spring will help support a healthy immune system, which is especially important when water temperatures rise in the spring and pathogens in the pond become more prevalent.

The Soft Sticks Advantage:

TetraPond soft sticks soften quickly on contact with the water so small and large fish can easily eat and digest them. The high digestibility of soft sticks promotes clear water by minimizing waste.

TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet

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  • Transitions fish in & out of winter
  • Contains wheat germ for exceptional digestibility
  • Ideal for colder months
  • Soft sticks soften quickly so small & large fish can easily eat and digest
  • Great for all sizes of Koi & goldfish

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TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet
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