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Mac's Creatures & Critters Grapevine Jungle Gym

Mac's Creatures & Critters Grapevine Jungle Gym - Find Decorative Terrarium Supplies and Other Reptile Cage Accessories Online at

Intended for use with a variety of pet reptile and bird species, Mac's Creatures & Critters Grapevine Jungle Gym will enhance and beautify your bird cage or reptile habitat with its intriguingly irregular shape and interesting natural look. Composed of natural pieces of grape driftwood that are fixed together, these stunning jungle gyms will blend in with your other decorative reptile cage accessories seamlessly. In addition to serving as a cozy shelter or hiding place, these jungle gyms serve as a perch or basking spot. Featuring grape driftwood with a twisted and knotted appearance, this grapevine jungle gym makes it easy for small pets, birds and reptiles to climb, perch and to hang on. Adding natural decorative terrarium supplies and accessories to your pet's cage or terrarium enhances everyday life for your small pet by creating interest and bringing out natural behaviors, such as basking for reptiles or perching for pet birds. The natural look of this grape driftwood is interesting and will have onlookers fascinated. In addition, no two pieces will ever look alike so your habitat will reflect the unique personality of your treasured pet.

Mac's Creatures & Critters Grapevine Jungle Gym

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  • Twisted, knotted grape driftwood makes for naturally beautiful reptile cage accessories and décor
  • Boasts an interesting shape makes it easy for birds, reptiles and small animals to climb and to perch
  • Stunning decorative terrarium supplies consisting of pieces of drift wood are fixed together to create a perch, basking or hiding area for your pet

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18" L X 6" W X 10" H
SKU: 616974


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