Kent Marine Concentrated Liquid Calcium
Kent Marine Concentrated Liquid Calcium
Kent Marine Concentrated Liquid Calcium

Kent Marine Concentrated Liquid Calcium

Liquid Calcium provides bio-available calcium for healthier, more beautiful corals, hard tube worms, snails, other invertebrates as well as coraline gluconates, lactates or other sugars which increase bio-load and may accumulate over time and spur unwanted slime or bacterial growths! Contains no phosphates or nitrates. Contains no EDTA to sequester important trace minerals!.

Other Supplements to Help You Keep a Healthy Reef! Coral-Vite - Hard & Soft Coral Vitamin & Mineral Supplement. Provides costly exotic trace minerals and complex nutrients for health and vigor and to stimulate growth.

Essential Elements- Replaces biologically important trace minerals which are absorbed by marine fish and invertebrates and removed through skimming and carbon filtration. Use with Coral-Vite if you have hard and soft corals.

Superbuffer-dKH - Excellent Buffer and Carbonate Hardness builder. Adjusts pH of saltwaer aquariums, builds KH, dissolves easily and clearly. Does not cloud the tank or flake on your corals!

Reef Carbon - High-tech pelletized bituminous coal based carbon designed for aquarium use! Pore size of 2 to 2,000 angstroms, just the right size for absorption of large organic molecules! No other carbon even comes close!

Concentrated Iodine -Provides iodine for better fish and algae growth. Iodine is used in the thyroid functions of fish, helps metabolize fats, and is important for proper never and physical function. Used in conversion of shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans. Recommended if you use protein skimmers, ozone, or have strong algae growth.

Super Iron w/ Manganese -Chelated iron for maximum availability to marine algae. Manganese is added to spur macro-algae growth. Useful for caulerpaand all calcareous algaes. Contains no phosphates, nitrates or silicates!

Kent Marine Concentrated Liquid Calcium

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  • Bio-Available Calcium supplement
  • Perfect for Reef Type Marine Aquariums
  • Made in the USA

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Kent Marine Concentrated Liquid Calcium
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Kent Marine Concentrated Liquid Calcium
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