Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food
Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food
Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food

Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food-- Find Kaytee Rabbit Food Online at petco.com

Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food is a nutritionally fortified daily diet made with fiber-rich, sun-cured timothy hay combined with other essential ingredients necessary for your adult pet rabbit. Timothy hay aids the natural digestive process of rabbits by providing them with a natural and high quality source of fiber. Because timothy hay is lower in calcium than other grasses, it may decrease the likelihood of urinary tract problems and other health issues relative to rabbits. This special Kaytee rabbit food formula consists of a timothy hay-based diet and high amonts of fiber for better gastrointestinal health and complete nutrition for adult rabbits. This formula is pelleted for easy feeding and optimal animal acceptance. Meanwhile, this formula contains lower protein and calcium levels than alfalfa-based diets. Rabbits have been popular small animal pet companions for years. Available in a variety of species that differ by color, sizes, fur type, and ear type, rabbit sizes range from dwarf tiny ears, to giant (larger than some small dog breeds) with long ears that touch the ground. Rabbits can also be litter-trained just like a pet cat. Rabbits have a natural tendency to chew, so it is important to keep electrical cords away from them when they are outside of their cages and hutches. Being herbivores, rabbits eat various plants, which include grasses, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Rabbits are considered adults at 4 to 7 months and can expect to have a life span between 6-10 years.

Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food

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  • Kaytee Timothy Complete is made with long strands of timothy hay
  • Kaytee rabbit food provides rabbits with a high fiber daily diet to support digestive health
  • Added vitamins and minerals to help maintain overall health

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Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food
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Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food, 9.5 lbs.
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