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Parakeets for Dummies

Parakeets for Dummies - Bird Books from

Passionate about parakeets? This plain-English guide helps you find the right parakeet and gives you expert advice on feathering his nest, from setting up the cage and selecting foods to keeping messes at bay. You'll see how to groom your parakeet, recognize the symptoms of illness, and keep your parakeet safe from other pets.

Discover how to:

  • Select a healthy parakeet.
  • Choose the right toys and accessories.
  • Teach your parakeet to talk.
  • Understand parakeet behavior.
  • Find an avian veterinarian.
Written in a down-to-earth style featuring informative cartoons, illustrations, reference lists, and other handy tools to help you understand and care for your parakeet.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Parakeets: More Than Just Pretty, Whistling Birds
  • Chapter 2: Is a Parakeet Your Perfect Companion?
  • Chapter 3: Finding and Selecting a Parakeet
  • Chapter 4: Home Tweet Home: Preparing for Your Parakeet
  • Chapter 5: Polly Want a Cracker? Caring for Your Parakeet
  • Chapter 6: Come Here Often? Getting to Know Your Parakeet
  • Chapter 7: Keeping Your Parakeet Healthy and Handling Emergencies
  • Ten Facts About Parakeets
  • Ten Fun and Informative Parakeet and Bird Web Sites
  • Index

Parakeets for Dummies

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  • A StartSmart Guide for the Rest of Us--Exclusively at Petco
  • Your friendly guide to giving your parakeet the best possible care, with tips on health, training and nutrition
  • Inside this 90-page guide you'll discover how to choose a healthy parakeet, teach your parakeet to talk, understand parakeet behavior, and more

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90 Pages
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