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Hagen AquaClear Power Head Multifunctional Water Pumps

Hagen AquaClear Power Head Multifunctional Water Pumps

Creates powerful water circulation and currents

  • Enhances water flow through undergravel filters, improving filtration efficiency.
  • Creates powerful water current for increased circulation inside the aquarium.
  • Filters out particles with the addition of the AquaClear Quickfilter (sold separately).

Outstanding Performance in Every Application
AquaClear Powerheads deliver outstanding performance in a variety of applications. They can efficiently drive undergravel filters, circulate and aerate aquarium water, and attach to filtration accessories such as the AquaClear Quick Filter to support crystal clear water conditions.

Raise Oxygen Levels
AquaClear Powerheads can be used to raise oxygen levels, which is important when there are increases in water temperature or fish population, and during the treatment of diseases.

Ideal for Fresh and Saltwater Applications
AquaClear Powerheads can also be connected to drive protein skimmers, which are essential devices for most marine aquariums.

Freshwater aquariums benefit from additional currents in many applications. Using a powerhead in combination with an AquaClear Quick Filter provides added safe mechanical filtration for cleaner water conditions and the protection of baby fish.

AquaClear Powerheads are indispensable in smaller reef aquariums where they can be easily hidden and still provide highly beneficial currents.

Innovative Design
In addition to being the ultimate submersible water movers, AquaClear Powerheads also include these great design, safety, and utility innovations:

  • Hermetically-sealed, completely submersible motor unit which is insulated with highly effective epoxy resin to insulate against harsh freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • Compact, energy-efficient motor unit is isolated to eliminate maintenance.
  • Convenient suction cups, attachment brackets (except Model 10), and hose connectors that allow quick and easy connections to protein skimmers, spray bars, and other accessories.
  • Adjustable rim attachment fits most aquariums.
  • Adapter cone fits most undergravel filter lift tubes.
  • Venturi system with control valve provides optional aeration.
  • Adjustable flow control allows for precise regulation.

Hagen AquaClear Power Head Multifunctional Water Pumps

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  • Fully submersible pump creates powerful currents for increased circulation in your fresh or saltwater tank
  • Enhances water flow through undergravel filters and protein skimmers
  • Maintenance-free, energy-efficient motor

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AquaClear Power Head Multifunctional Water Pump 20

For 5-20 gallon Aquariums
127 GPH
Model 20
SKU: 172839


AquaClear Power Head Multifunctional Water Pump 30

For 10-30 gallon Aquariums
175 GPH
Model 30
SKU: 172847


AquaClear Power Head Multifunctional Water Pump 50

For 20-50 gallon Aquariums
270 GPH
Model 50
SKU: 172812


AquaClear Power Head Multifunctional Water Pump 70

For 40-70 gallon Aquariums
400 GPH
Model 70
SKU: 172820


Store Prices Vary

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