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Solvit Kitty'scape Deluxe Kit
Solvit Kitty'scape Deluxe Kit
Solvit Kitty'scape Deluxe Kit

Solvit Kitty'scape Deluxe Kit

Kitty'scape is a whole new concept in cat play structures, giving cat owners the ability to assemble components any way they choose to build a custom play structure for their feline friends! A complete play structure can be assembled in just minutes with no tools.

Versatile – Configurable – Expandable - Economical

The modular design of the Kitty'scape means the different columns, platforms and accessories are interchangeable so they can be assembled in countless combinations to meet the needs of individual cat families. Platforms can be placed close together for kittens or older cats or further apart for more athletic and adventurous felines.

Cats are intelligent and inquisitive - satisfy their need to explore and keep them engaged by periodically re-configuring their playscape. Kitty'scape assembles and disassembles easily by hand so you can create an all-new structure in minutes. Designing and building your custom playscape is so much fun, the whole family will want to get involved.

It's a fact of life that kids and cats can be rough on the furniture – with Kitty'scape it's not a worry - if a piece wears out, just replace it - no more replacing an entire cat tree just because some parts are worn out!

Kitty'scape is available in a variety of starter kits and expansion kits. Plus, choose from a growing list of unique accessories, like the Penthouse Canopy, Hammock Hideaway, Cardboard Scratching Tray, Natural wood columns, Adventure Bridge, and more! All the pieces work together so you can expand and create to your heart's (and cat's) content.

Deluxe Kit (Model #62380) includes: Base platform; 2 Oval platforms; carpeted Half-oval platform, Penthouse Perch; 10 long columns, including 3 seagrass scratching columns; 4 short columns; Penthouse Canopy; Hammock Hideaway; teaser toy, and multiple connectors. Can reach up to 71” high. Weighs 30 lbs.

Solvit Kitty'scape Deluxe Kit

Internet Price: $229.99   Today's Price: $149.49  (Save 35%)

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  • Assemble components any way you choose
  • No tools required
  • Includes 3 sisal scratching posts
  • Includes feather teaser toy
  • Cozy condos
  • Dimensions: height 71”

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71" Height
SKU: 2326928

Solvit Kitty'scape Deluxe Kit, 71" Height
$229.99 $149.49


Solvit Kitty'scape Deluxe Kit, 71" Height
Solvit Kitty'scape Expansion Kit
Solvit Kitty'scape Expansion Kit
Solvit Kitty'scape Expansion Kit

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