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Ace Bayou Small Cat Tree
Ace Bayou Small Cat Tree
Ace Bayou Small Cat Tree

Ace Bayou Small Cat Tree

This premium cat tree features multiple levels of scratching and clawing fun and is the perfect cat furniture for households with one or more cats. Cat trees help encourage physical stimulation through climbing and playing. Cats of all ages need to exercise and play to stay fit and keep their senses honed. The different levels allow your cats to climb, leap and play while burning off excess energy. The numerous sisal posts on the cat tree will encourage scratching and natural claw trimming. Scratching is an important and natural feline activity. It helps cats relax by allowing them to release stress, mark their territory and exercise.

This premium tree for cats provides a great activity center for your naturally inquisitive kitty. During the afternoon, your cat can relax on the platforms, lounge in the hammock, survey your home from up high, or just indulge in some stress-free self-grooming. This piece features durable sisal posts to support climbing and scratching; the platforms and bungalow are covered in soft lamb fur fabric for ultimate comfort. For added entertainment, it comes with two feather toys that your cats can bat and chew.

Ace Bayou Small Cat Tree

Internet Price: $119.99   Today's Price: $83.99  (Save 30%)

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  • Spacious cat tree
  • Multiple levels for climbing and play
  • Ideal for multi-cat families
  • Soft, plush hammoock for lounging
  • Dangling, changeable toys for added fun

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23" L X 19" W X 55" H
SKU: 2285652

Ace Bayou Small Cat Tree, 23" L X 19" W X 55" H
Expected Back in Stock 10/24/14
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$119.99 $83.99



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