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Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis 2 Canister System

Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis 2 Canister System

Whether you are looking to reduce excessive algae growth in your freshwater or marine aquarium, or looking to keep sensitive corals that require highly precise trace element levels, the use of a reverse osmosis (R/O) or de-ionized (DI) water purification system can remove many inorganic contaminants at surprisingly high rates as well as virtually all microorganisms. A reverse osmosis purification system (also known as ultrafiltration) requires pressurized water to be forced through a semi-permeable membrane trapping contaminants away from the filtered water. The Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis 2 Canister System includes: 1 TFC R/O membrane, 1 micron pre-filter cartridge & 1 carbon block pre-filter cartridge.

Freshwater Aquariums:

Within freshwater aquariums or ponds, particularly live plant tanks, excessive algae growth can become not only a nuisance but hazardous to your plants. Phosphates and nitrates are two of the biggest contributors to algae growth. While these elements can be introduced to your aquarium in many different ways, one of the most common ways is through your tap water. If these elements are in your tap water, using water changes as a means to reduce them will not be an effective solution. The Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis System will remove up to 98% of both of these algae food sources from your source water, helping to permanently win your battle over excessive algae growth. Many plant species also require specific pH and KH levels. The best way to accomplish this is by starting with purified water and adding in appropriate levels of only necessary trace elements through supplements.

Marine Fish/Reef Aquariums:

Synthetic sea salts are designed to mimic natural sea water down to the smallest trace element in order to provide the best possible environment for your marine inhabitants. The only way for this to work is if your source water that you mix with the synthetic salt is pure of contaminants as well as dissolved solids to begin with, which is not the case with either tap water or well water. In order to have a quality marine mix (regardless of synthetic sea salt quality) you must start with purified water, a good R/O or DI water purification system is how this is done.

Water quality in an aquarium or pond is without question the first and biggest concern for any hobbyist. Water produced from a well or local municipality can contain substances such as ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, silicate, and trace metals that can be toxic to aquatic life. Coralife provides reverse osmosis (R/O) and de-ionized (DI) water purification systems to remove these harmful substances.


The GPD (gallons per day) flow rate is subject to water temperature (should be low to mid 70's) and total dissolved solids are assumed to be less than 200 ppm. If these conditions are not met, or flow-rate is impaired due to maintenance issues, the GPD rate can be significantly impacted.

Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis 2 Canister System

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  • Premium TFC reverse osmosis water purification system
  • Use with chlorinated and well water supply
  • Removes hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and other tap water impurities
  • Removes nutrient source for algae & virtually all microorganisms
  • For freshwater, marine, and reef applications
  • Includes TFC R/O membrane, micron pre-filter cartridge & a carbon block pre-filter cartridge

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Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis 2 Canister System, 15.2

15.2" L X 7.6" W X 16.2" H
24 GPD
SKU: 2243698

$149.99 $112.46

Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis 2 Canister System, 15.2

15.2" L X 7.8" W X 16.6" H
50 GPD
SKU: 2243680

$154.99 $139.49

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