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WARE HD Townhouse Rabbit Hutch
WARE HD Townhouse Rabbit Hutch
WARE HD Townhouse Rabbit Hutch

WARE HD Townhouse Rabbit Hutch – Two Story Rabbit Hutches

The WARE HD Townhouse Rabbit Hutch is a large, two-story hutch that will provide security and safety for your beautiful bunnies. These hutches provide room for movement and relaxation.

Rabbit cages and hutches can provide a safe and secure home for your pet. When you keep your pet outdoors, rabbit cages and hutches can also keep outside animals from making contact with your furry friend. Not all hutches and rabbit cages are the same. The WARE HD Townhouse Rabbit Hutch comes with unique features that make it a great refuge for your pet.

Rabbits need space to move and stretch their legs in order to fully enjoy their environment. The WARE Townhouse provides two floors for your rabbits to explore and move around. Bunnies are curious creatures and will enjoy hopping up the ramp to the top floor to see what’s inside the nest area. Add a few toys to one of these rabbit hutches, and your rabbits will stay entertained and active (additional toys and accessories sold separately).

The WARE HD Townhouse Rabbit Hutch is crafted with a handsome and rustic wood framework. The framework is sealed with a non-toxic waterproof stain to stand up to the elements. These rabbit hutches are incorporate rust-resistant wire that is strong enough to keep your rabbits in and protect from outside animals.

The wire design of the hutch allows your pets to enjoy fresh air and good ventilation. They’ll also get to observe the world around them from the safety of the hutch.

Each of these rabbit hutches also includes a nesting area. The solid walls of the nesting area allow your rabbit some privacy, as well as a cozy refuge if the weather turns severe. The darkness and privacy of the nesting area help recreate the feel of a burrow and can help your pet to feel safe and protected.

When you want to enjoy your rabbit’s company, there are plenty of ways to bring your bunny out to play. The hinged rooftop lifts up, and a front door allows for easy access inside. You can even hook a ramp to the front opening, so your rabbit can climb in and out easily.

This beautiful hutch can be a great home for up to two bunnies.

WARE HD Townhouse Rabbit Hutch

Internet Price: $399.99   Today's Price: $373.48  (Save 7%)

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  • Solid wood rabbit hutches
  • Heavy duty galvanized wire provides security
  • Second story nest area for privacy and warmth
  • Can house up to two rabbits
  • Solid ramps allow rabbits to move between stories

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38" L X 28" W X 38.25" H
Fits 2 rabbits
Model 01509
SKU: 2245491

WARE HD Townhouse Rabbit Hutch, 38" L X 28" W X 38.25" H
$399.99 $373.48



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