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Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo Pack
Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo Pack
Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo Pack

Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo Pack – Heat Lamp Dome & Reptile Heat Lamp

Keep your pet reptile healthy and warm with the Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo Pack. This convenient combo pack includes a daylight bulb and heat lamp dome, so you have everything you need to satisfy the daytime heating and lighting needs of your reptile.

Tropical reptiles need an outside source of heat in order to help them regulate their body temperature. The Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo Pack includes the Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture and the 60 watt Zoo Med Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb. While the bulb shines a warm light onto your pet, the dome helps focus the light and heat so you can create the perfect basking spot for your reptile.

The heat lamp dome is made of polished aluminum, which helps generate maximum light and heat output. The extra long reflector dome extends beyond the face of the bulb so it won’t stick out. You can use the dome with other bulbs of up to 100 watts. Use the heat lamp dome to control the direction of the reptile heat lamp. This allows you to provide an area of light and heat and an area of cooler shade. Reptiles do best in environments when they have access to both a warm basking area and a relatively cool resting area.

The second part of the Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo Pack is the daylight bulb. This reptile heat lamp bulb is made of true blue glass, which provides better heat transfer than painted or coated glass. The bulb produces a pleasing light, perfect for daytime use. This reptile heat lamp emits UVA rays, giving your pet a psychological health boost. This clean, shining light will also accentuate the colors and patterns of your pet’s scales for maximum viewing pleasure.

Choose this long-burning bulb with dome to create a cozy habitat for your wonderful lizard, snake or other reptile family member.

Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo Pack

Internet Price: $24.99   Today's Price: $22.64  (Save 9%)

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  • Reptile heat lamp keeps your pet healthy and warm
  • Combo pack includes heat lamp dome and 60 watt Daylight Blue Bulb
  • Lamp fixture has a ceramic socket an extra long reflector dome
  • Bulb is made of true blue glass for better heat transfer
  • Bright, attractive light accentuates your pet’s natural colors

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Pack of 2 bulbs
60 Watts
SKU: 2214272

Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo Pack, Pack of 2 bulbs
$24.99 $22.64



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