Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit
Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit
Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit

Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit – Rabbit Starter Kit with Wire Cage & Accessories

Provide your new rabbit with all the home essentials with the Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit. This rabbit starter kit includes everything you need to set up a comfy, secure home for your new pet. The kit includes a wire cage, bowl, water bottle, bedding and food.

Rabbits are sweet, fun pets that are great for all kinds of families and pet parents. Keeping a new rabbit healthy and happy is easy as long as you have the essentials covered. Shelter, food, bedding – these are just some of the basics you need to be sure to get for your new pet. A rabbit starter kit can be a great way to get all your essentials at once and have everything you need to start keeping your pet.

One of the must-have parts of a rabbit starter kit is the habitat where your pet will live. The wire cage included in the Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit is great for both pets and pet parents. The snap-together setup requires no tools for assembly. Simply clasp the wire top to the plastic base to set up this habitat, and unclasp for full access to the interior. You can also reach your pet through the door on the side of the wire cage. The deep sides of the plastic base help contain litter and bedding. The plastic is also easy to clean during bedding changes.

The Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit comes ready to go with essentials like bedding and rabbit food. The absorbent small animal bedding will keep your pet’s habitat dry, healthy and odor free. The bedding’s super low dust formula is designed to avoid causing any environmental irritation and allergies. In addition to bedding, this kit also includes premium rabbit food to get your rabbit off on the right nutritional foot. Your pet will be sure to stay fed and hydrated with the included food bowl and water bottle.

Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit

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  • Surround your rabbit with top quality home essentials
  • Rabbit starter kit ideal for your first pet
  • Includes a roomy wire cage, food, bedding, bowl and water bottle
  • Simple snap-together set-up requires no tools

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6.4" L X 31" W X 18.4" H
SKU: 2130458

Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit, 6.4" L X 31" W X 18.4" H
$74.99 $39.99

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