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Fluval Sea CP2 Circulation Pump
Fluval Sea CP2 Circulation Pump
Fluval Sea CP2 Circulation Pump

Fluval Sea CP2 Circulation Pump

Our Fluval Sea CP2 Circulation Pump's space saving and innovative design provides many outstanding benefits: it minimizes tank intrusion, improves energy efficiency, and creates a smooth broad stream of ocean-like current. Unlike other pumps, this efficient circulation pump broadcasts output to assist corals with a gentle, indirect current. This circulation pump simulates natural reef currents and features adjustable flow direction. Boasting exceptional hydraulic performance with the lowest energy consumption/LPH ratio, this pump is super quiet compared to most models. Safe to use with a timer system (will not cause pump failure unlike many competitive models), this pump also features a secure, flexible aquarium mounting. Compact, efficient, and easy maintenance make this circulation pump a must-have. In addition, you will love the gentle, even flow compared to many competitors.

Fluval Sea CP2 Circulation Pump

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  • Simulates natural reef currents
  • Adjustable flow direction
  • Exceptional hydraulic performance
  • The lowest energy consumption/LPH ratio
  • Super quiet & compact
  • Safe to use with timer
  • Secure, flexible aquarium mounting
  • Suitable for 15-25 (US) gal, 425 GPH, 4 Watts

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425 gph
For 25 gallon Marine Aquariums
4 Watts
SKU: 2156228

Fluval Sea CP2 Circulation Pump, 425 gph, 4 W
$34.99 $31.49

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