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Coralife Pulse DC Wavemaker
Coralife Pulse DC Wavemaker
Coralife Pulse DC Wavemaker

Coralife Pulse DC Wavemaker

The Coralife Pulse DC Wavemaker uses two pumps with a DC controller to create customized water patterns similar to reef currents and river flows found in nature. There are four operational modes to best fit your tank's needs. The continuous flow mode feature allows you to adjust either pump to flow from 40-100% of maximum power to eliminate specific dead zones or create more current for coral health. The tidal mode is for simulating a natural tidal ocean current by positioning the two pumps at opposite ends of the aquarium. Pump A runs at maximum flow while pump B runs at low flow for a 12 hour cycle. The two pumps then switch speeds after 12 hours.

The turbulence mode has both pumps starting at the lowest flow settings, then the flow gradually increases over time to maximum flow. The pumps then power off for five seconds before repeating. The run time to get from lowest to maximum flow can be adjusted from 10 to 60 seconds. The fourth mode available is the continuous/turbulence mode where pump A runs continuously from 40 to 100% of maximum power while pump B runs in turbulence mode. With four modes to choose from, the Coralife Pulse DC Wavemaker can easily simulate natural water currents to improve water and coral health.

Coralife Pulse DC Wavemaker

Internet Price: $449.99 - $499.99   Today's Price: $337.49 - $374.99  (Save up to 25%)

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  • Simulates natural reef and river currents by continuously circulating aquarium water
  • Eliminates dead zones
  • Improves water quality and coral health
  • For use in salt and freshwater environments
  • Available in 2600 and 5800 GPH flow rates

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Coralife Pulse 2600 DC Wavemaker, 11.5

11.5" L X 7.5" W X 5.5" H
2600 GPH
7 Watts
SKU: 2190522

Coralife Pulse 2600 DC Wavemaker, 11.5" L X 7.5" W X 5.5" H
$449.99 $337.49

Coralife Pulse 5800 DC Wavemaker, 14

14" L X 7.75" W X 5.75" H
5800 GPH
14 Watts
SKU: 2190531

Coralife Pulse 5800 DC Wavemaker, 14" L X 7.75" W X 5.75" H
$499.99 $374.99

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