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Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner
Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner
Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner

Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner

Our Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner speeds the biological breakdown of slow to degrade organic waste matter from tank bottoms that may become toxic to turtles. In fact, this rock and substrate cleaner is 80% faster than bacterial products alone. As organic solids accumulate on the tank bottom they begin to break down, releasing toxic gases and by-products to the surrounding environment. This rock and substrate cleaner biologically degrades bottom organic sludge and muck, reducing or eliminating the potential harmful gaseous compounds, and helps to clarify your tank water at the same time. In addition to helping to degrade fecal matter, this cleaner improves filtratio, cleans turtle shells and limbs and helps prevent shell rot.

Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner

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  • Provides rapid natural sludge reduction
  • 80% faster than bacterial products alone
  • Cleans turtle shells & limbs
  • Helps to degrade fecal matter
  • Improves filtration

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8 fl. oz.
SKU: 2149845

Microbe-Lift Rock & Substrate Cleaner
$12.99 $9.74
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