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Auggiedog Power Poop Yard Scoop
Auggiedog Power Poop Yard Scoop
Auggiedog Power Poop Yard Scoop

Auggiedog Power Poop Yard Scoop

There's never been anything like Auggiedog! It's a 2012 New Product Award WINNER! Finally an electric power tool to pick up what your pal leaves behind! This multi-function pet product makes that disgusting chore of cleaning up after your best friend, a snap! The Auggiedog picks up, lifts, holds and carries what your pal leaves behind. No plastic bags are required! The Auggiedog is quick, clean and easy. We all know about the environmental impact that dog waste in plastic bags create. With the Auggiedog, you are able to dispose the waste in a variety of ways. Whether you flush, compost or eject into the garbage, Auggiedog handles the job quickly, cleanly and easily. The Auggiedog can be used as a walking stick or for a yard clean-up tool. With its rechargeable battery and its LED light, Auggiedog can be used day or night. The Auggiedog also comes with its own cleaning station, where it can be quickly cleaned and left parked until the next time you use it. The Auggiedog cleaning solution is biodegradable and offers a clean fresh fragrance that will keep your Auggiedog clean and ready for your next use. The Auggiedog also comes with a beeper that can be used as a training device and its telescoping shaft can be adjusted to your specific height. Whether you use the Auggiedog daily, weekly or on a monthly basis, its special design (even in the winter months), will help you deal with what dog owners dread, the CLEAN UP. The Auggiedog system comes with a one year manufacturers warranty. So do yourself a favour and get the Auggiedog. Your life will be a whole lot easier!

Extra Features:

  • Auggiedog is only 2.8 lbs - extremely easy to maneuver
  • Auggiedog has a lithium rechargeable battery and one charge will last 2 to 3 weeks with normal use
  • Auggiedog with the cap on it can stand upright; so if you're at the dog park you can have both hands free to throw a ball or drink a latte
  • Auggiedog has a two light LED system. It not only shines forward but also down so that you can see what your picking up
  • Auggiedog has a training whistle or if needed a back-up beeper
  • Auggiedog was designed to be used as a cane/walking stick
Auggiedog truly is a 5 in 1 yard tool!

Auggiedog Power Poop Yard Scoop

Internet Price: $169.99   Today's Price: $149.95  (Save 12%)

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  • Innovative waste removal solution for any dog owner
  • Eliminates the need for waste bags
  • Easily handles your dogs waste
  • Unit is rechargable and has an LED flashlight for those night time walks
  • Includes cleaning station, charger, whistle and end cap

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30"-37" H X 3.5" W
Base: 10.13" W X 7" H
SKU: 2112410

Auggiedog Power Poop Yard Scoop
$169.99 $149.95


Auggiedog Power Poop Yard Scoop
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