Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta
Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta

Your live fish may not match the image shown due to natural variations in each species. Each companion animal is different in shape, color, and personality.

Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta

Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta – Live Betta Fish & Live Fish for Sale

Betta fish are known for their brilliant colors and long, flowing fins. They are also easy to care for, making them a great office or dorm pet. The Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta is a special type of live Betta fish. This Betta has unique pectoral fins shaped like an elephant’s ear.

If you want a pet but worry about having the time or space to care for an animal, then a live Betta fish can be a good option for you. The beautiful fish can live comfortably in only a liter of water. A tank that size could easily fit on a desk at work, in a small apartment or even in a cramped dorm room.

If you think your child is ready for the responsibility of a pet, don’t just choose any live fish for sale. Bettas need minimal care, which makes them the perfect starter pet for children. A well cared for Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta can live for several years, so your child can enjoy the fish for a while.

Live Betta fish are also a joy to watch. The sight of their bright colors and graceful fins can help ease your stress during the day. They can also keep you company as you work or study. The Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta is a special kind of Betta. Its large pectoral fins looks like an elephant’s ear. The name refers to the fish’s tail which resembles the triangular Greek letter Delta. The tail can spread wide but does not reach the 180° of a Halfmoon Betta. When your Betta is disturbed or feels stressed, its fins will flare to their full size.

Bettas are also unique from other live fish for sale because they can breathe air at the water’s surface using their labyrinth organ in addition to using their gills underwater. You’ll get to see your fish swim to the surface of the tank and gulp in fresh air.

Before getting a live fish for sale, make sure you have the proper supplies. Tanks, fish food, water conditioner and other accessories are sold separately. Bettas can feel threatened and stressed in the presence of other fish, especially other Bettas. They are most comfortable when housed alone in their own tank with plants and a low current.

Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta

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Temperament: Community

Family: Belontiidae

Native To: S.E. Asia - Cambodia, Thailand

Diet: Carnivore

Adult Size: Up to 3"

Water Current: Low

Temperature: 74° - 82°F

Water Parameters: KH 0-25, pH 6.0-8.0

Care Level: Easy

Tank Size: 1+ liter

Scientific Name: Betta splendens

Environment: Freshwater

  • Live Betta fish come in a variety of bright colors
  • Large pectoral fins are shaped like an elephant’s ear
  • Live fish for sale like this Betta can make a great office or dorm pet

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1.75"-2.25" Length
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Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta
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