Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta
Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta

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Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta

Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta – Live Betta Fish & Live Fish for Sale

Betta fish can make fantastic pets. They are beautiful to look at as well as relatively easy to care for. If you want a unique Betta that will really turn some heads, choose the Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta. This brightly colored fish gets its name from its special pectoral fins, which resemble an elephant’s ear.

Live Betta fish are a great choice for busy professionals, hectic college students and even children ready for their first pet. An Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta can live comfortably in just a liter of water. A tank this size can easily fit on a desk at work, in a small cubicle or in a child’s bedroom. Your live Betta fish doesn’t even need a filter. Just clean the tank regularly, and your Betta will be content. A well cared for Betta can live for several years.

If you are looking at live fish for sale, there are even more reasons to choose a Betta. These fish are absolutely gorgeous. They come in a variety of colors, from shimmering blue to deep crimson. They have long fins and tails that flow beautifully in calm water. You are sure to enjoy watching your Betta. The Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta, in particular, has large pectoral fins that resemble an elephant’s ear. Its tail has a rounded edge, which makes it look like a half moon. When the fish flairs, its tail spreads all the way to a 180° angle.

Live Betta fish are also unique in that they can breathe in two different ways. Like all fish, they rely on a set of gills to breathe underwater. But they also possess a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe air. It’s a delight to watch your Betta swim to the surface of the tank and gulp the air. Males Bettas may even make nests at the surface out of little pearl-like bubbles, which indicates ideal water conditions.

If you are considering a live fish for sale like a Betta, please note that supplies like a tank, food and water conditioner are sold separately. Before getting a live fish for sale, make sure you understand the needs of your particular pet. Betta fish, for instance, feel stress in the presence of other fish. They are most comfortable and healthy when housed alone.

Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta

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Temperament: Community

Family: Belontiidae

Native To: S.E. Asia - Cambodia, Thailand

Diet: Carnivore

Adult Size: Up to 3"

Water Current: Low

Temperature: 74° - 82°F

Water Parameters: KH 0-25, pH 6.0-8.0

Care Level: Easy

Tank Size: 1+ liter

Scientific Name: Betta splendens

Environment: Freshwater

  • Live Betta fish come in a wide variety of beautiful colors
  • Live fish for sale like a Betta makes a good pet for kids
  • Low maintenance – great for the office or dorm

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1.75"-2.25" Length
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Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta
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