Tetra Small Aquarium Plants
Tetra Small Aquarium Plants
Tetra Small Aquarium Plants

Tetra Small Aquarium Plants

Tetra Small Aquarium Plants are part of an extensive collection of synthetic plants that bring the beauty of the world's lakes, ponds, seas and rivers to dazzling life in your aquarium or fish tank. The result of painstaking research and careful design, these faithfully detailed, uniquely lifelike replicas transform any fish tank into an incredibly beautiful, natural looking aquatic habitiat… A true work of art.

Tetra Small Aquarium Plants are ideal for adding color and aesthetic depth to your waterscape. Begin with smaller plants in the foreground and larger plants in the back and with such a wide variety of plants to use, you can add more to bring out the beauty in any aquarium. It's that easy!

The Tetra Small Aquarium plants are safe for all aquariums. Each plant is attached to a weighted base. You simply push it into the aquarium gravel to ensure drift free positioning. Once placed, the Tetra Small Aquarium Plants will remain in place with their leaves gently moving with the natural rythyms of your aquarium

Tetra Small Aquarium Plants

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  • Adds that extra flare to any aquarium
  • Brings the look of the sea, lake or river to your aquarium
  • Each plant is attached to a weighted base

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Assorted 6"-9" Height
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Tetra Small Aquarium Plants, Pack of 4 plants
$7.99 $4.79



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