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I and Love and You Power Pucks Freeze Dried Dog Food

I and Love and You Power Pucks Freeze Dried Dog Food

I and Love and You Power Pucks offer top quality, nutritious meals in an ultra-convenient form. These patties are made from free-range sourced, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats and vegetables. The ingredients are not cooked, heated, or steamed before freeze drying, so this nutritious food gives your pet all the proven health benefits of a raw meat diet. The Power Pucks come in easy-to-serve portions in a lightweight, travel-ready package. Vitamin and mineral fortified, with no grains, preservatives or fillers, these all natural health meals come in two sure-to-please varieties – chicken with veggies, and beef with veggies.

Cage-Free USDA Chicken and Naturally-Raised USDA Beef
No hormones or antibiotics were ever used in raising the beef or chicken
Made with whole vegetables
No grains, preservatives, fillers, gluten and non-irradiated
Easy to digest and assimilate with high protein content.

If you would like to give your companion the benefits of a raw food diet without the mess or fuss, our Power Pucks are the perfect solution. Because they are freeze dried, the ingredients in these wholesome patties retain nearly all the vital enzymes that are typically destroyed in the cooking process for canned and dry foods. In the same way, the potency of the naturally present minerals and vitamins in freeze-dried food is superior to that found in canned and dry food formulas. Natural is better -- try these nutritious freeze-dried patties with your companion and see for yourself the difference a fresher diet can make. Power Pucks are ideal for:

"Like Raw" food trial -- When you're not quite ready for raw, but want to see how your dog likes and benefits from the natural diet most similar to raw, Power Pucks give you the opportunity to test the results first (we suggest rehydrating the patties for this "experiment").

Raw food alternative -- If you've decided that raw food would be great for your pet, but have decided that raw is not a good choice for other reasons, the convenience of Power Pucks can't be beat.

Transitional diet -- You can choose Power Pucks when you're working on a transition to raw food and want to let your companion's system adjust more slowly to the increased nutrition level and texture of raw food.

Supplemental feeding -- A great alternative meal to incorporate into your pet's existing top quality, natural diet, Power Pucks offer more variety and extra nutrition.

Traveling diet -- When you travel with your pet, feeding canned or raw food is a real challenge, but Power Pucks are easy to rehydrate (or to serve dry, of course) and let your pet eat well when you're on-the-go.

Treats or Toppings -- Crumbled or broken into pieces, Fresh Patties make excellent treats and also make a great food topping to give your pet a special flavor and nutrition boost.

10 patties per 7.2 oz. bag. 28 patties per 16.8 oz. bag.

I and Love and You Power Pucks Freeze Dried Dog Food

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  • Cage free animals used for meat
  • No hormones or antibiotics were ever used in raising the animals used for meat
  • Made with whole vegetables
  • No grains, preservatives, fillers or gluten
  • Easy to digest
  • High protein content
  • Great for pets with grain allergies
  • Convenient and lightweight, perfect for travel
  • Certified Food Safe by the HACCP Food Safety System created by the FDA and USDA

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