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Prairie Dog Elk Antler Button Dog Chew

Prairie Dog Elk Antler Button Dog Chew

All dogs will enjoy chewing on this unique treat. Our Prairie Dog Elk Antler Button Dog Chew provides great taste and health benefits for dogs. Prairie Dog Antlers are North American antlers that are naturally shed or harvested. The antlers are Grade A and B, meaning they are the highest quality product on the market today. This 100% natural dog chew is a natural source of several essential minerals such as collagen which is good for bones, tendons, ligaments, & cartilage, lipids, which are essential for growth and development, and glucosamine, which is good for joints and tissue. This antler dog chew also provides calcium and phosphorous, which benefits bones and teeth, iron for healthy blood cells, potassium for nerve and muscle function, and magnesium, which aids in storing and releasing energy. This dog chew promotes a healthier coat and cleans teeth. What more could you want? So go ahead and treat your furry friend to this non-allergenic, odor free, all natural dog chew that won't splinter or chip!

Prairie Dog Elk Antler Button Dog Chew

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  • All-natural treat that helps satisfy chewing needs and cleans teeth
  • Does not splinter or chip
  • Non-allergenic and odor free
  • A natural source of essential minerals

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Prairie Dog Elk Antler Button Dog Chew

3" Diameter
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