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Ecoxotic Panorama Marine LED Lighting System

Ecoxotic Panorama Marine LED Lighting System

Our Ecoxotic Panorama Marine LED Lighting System encompasses the best features of our high end Panorama Pro systems in a powerful, sleek one-and-done LED lighting solution. Packed with an array of unprecedented features and benefits, this lighting system gives you a truly panoramic view of your fish and coral. A mirrored aluminum reflector and perfectly blended LEDs create mesmerizing natural shimmer essential for growth, appearance and the health of your coral and fish. Modern looking and discrete, the Panorama Marine keeps your eyes focused on the aquarium, not a status quo bulky light fixture. If it wasn't for the stunning output, vivid colors and brilliant shimmer, you wouldn't even know it was there.

Ecoxotic Panorama Marine LED Lighting System features adjustable lighting. With a simple turn of a dial you can increase or decrease the intensity of the white and blue LEDs. Independently adjust from a deep blue to a super crisp white. Exceptional performance does not have to be at the expense of your wallet. Highly energy efficient LEDs make the Panorama Marine 50% more efficient than comparable 2XT5 HO Fixtures and best of all, no annual lamp replacements. Enjoy your visual inspiration in peace and quiet. No noisy fans to distract from the aquarium experience, and the LED's marginal heat output is directed away from your aquarium, eliminatiing the need for a costly water chiller. Water resistant and Mercury free keeps it safe for you, your fish and the environment. Operating on 24 volts means no induced voltage into your aquarium leading to ailments such as lateral line disease and no risk of shock. Since there are no lamps to replace, there is no hazardous Mercury for disposal.

Input voltage: 24V DC Constant Voltage.
Cabel Length: 36" Length
Connection: DC Barrel 2.1X5.5mm

Ecoxotic Panorama Marine LED Lighting System

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  • Sleek LED blue/white lighting system
  • Features mirrored aluminum reflector to create natural shimmer
  • More energy efficient than bulb lighting
  • Mercury free

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24" Length
SKU: 2120356

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36" Length
SKU: 2120381

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48" Length
SKU: 2120401

$384.99 $249.99

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