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Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens
Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens
Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens

Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens – Bird Food & Bird Treats

Give your beautiful bird a reason to chirp with Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens, a tasty and nutritious bird treat formula. These bird treats are crafted to recreate the selection of bird food found in your pet’s natural habitat.

Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens are made from an all-natural blend of alfalfa, parsley, carrots, spinach, peppers and apples – everything your bird loves to eat. These bird treats are filled with taste and nutrition. The vegetables and fruits contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that will support your bird’s health and vitality.

You can put Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens in its own separate bowl in your bird’s habitat or sprinkle the bird treats over bird food to enhance your pet’s daily diet. This could be an especially useful option if your bird is a picky eater and needs a little tasty encouragement to give the regular bird food a try.

The variety of ingredients and flavors in this bird treat formula can encourage your bird’s natural foraging behavior. Foraging keeps your bird active and mentally stimulated, which helps support overall mental wellbeing. This tasty treat can take care of your bird’s mind and body!

It can also support other birds that need help. Kaytee donates a portion of proceeds from sales of this product to education, research and conservation projects. These projects assist with parrot rehabilitation, re-homing efforts and the preservation of critical natural habitats. Give your bird a great treat and give back to the worldwide avian community when you choose this Kaytee product.

Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens

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  • Bird treats that provide nutritional variety and mental stimulation for your bird
  • Encourages healthy foraging and eating behaviors
  • Combines ingredients found in your bird's natural habitat
  • Offer treat in special dish or sprinkle on top of regular bird food
  • Formulated for all pet birds

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Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens, 1 oz.

1 oz.
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Kaytee Foraging Blend Bird Greens, 1 oz.
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