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Sera Marin Protein Skimmer PS130

Sera Marin Protein Skimmer PS 130

Protein skimmers are the heart of marine water aquarium filtration. They remove protein and other dissolved organic matter that is permanently released into the water by micro organisms, invertebrates and fish. The powerful and economic skimmers remove particles and floating matter, and they aerate the aquarium. Our extremely small and space saving Sera Marin Protein Skimmer PS 130 is one of the smallest working skimmers. It is ideal for nano aquariums up to 34 gallons. Features an energy saving dispergator pump integrated in the casing of the unit that by itself draws in air and blends it with aquarium water. The unit can be easily attached to the inside of the aquarium by a holder bracket adjustable in height. Air and water flow are easy to adjust.

Sera Marin Protein Skimmer PS130

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  • Smallest working dispergator skimmer
  • For nano tanks up to 34 gallons
  • Energy saving 5W motor
  • Easy attachment with included holder bracket
  • Air and water flow are easy to adjust

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8.9" Height
For Aquariums up to 34 gallons
Model: PS 130
SKU: 1596764

$59.99 $44.99


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