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Sera Goldy Goldfish Flakes
Sera Goldy Goldfish Flakes
Sera Goldy Goldfish Flakes

Sera Goldy Goldfish Flakes

Our Sera Goldy Goldfish Flakes are staple flakes for goldfish and other coldwater fish. Goldfish need less protein and more of the easy to digest carbohydrates than tropical fish. Sera Goldy contains spirulina and wheat germ meal and is thus an ideal food for coldwater fish in the aquarium or in the pond. These tender flakes for all goldfish - even sensitive fancy goldfish - and other coldwater fish are balanced to their special digestive physiology. This staple food prevents digestion problems specific for the species and supplies the animals with all nutrients required for healthy growth. Feeding Sera Goldy in autumn and early spring strengthens the fish before and after hibernation.

Sera Goldy Goldfish Flakes

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  • For the daily feeding of all goldfish in aquarium and garden pond
  • Resealable bucket
  • Prevents species specific problem of digestion
  • Offers perfect mixture of plant and aquatic proteins
  • Contains spirulina and wheat germ meal, an ideal food for coldwater fish

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4.4 lbs.
SKU: 1596799

Sera Goldy Goldfish Flakes
$69.99 $60.84



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