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Drinkwell Lotus Ceramic Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Lotus Ceramic Pet Fountain – Dog Water Fountain & Cat Drinking Fountain

Water consumption is an important part of your pet’s overall health. If standing water becomes stale, your pet may not want to drink as much. The Drinkwell Lotus Ceramic Pet Fountain is a visually pleasing dog and cat drinking fountain that provides your pet with a continuous supply of fresh, healthy water.

The Drinkwell Lotus Ceramic Pet Fountain includes a low-voltage, submersible pump that quietly circulates water through a filter system. This continual circulation helps keep the water oxygenated and fresh, while the filter catches hair and debris. The result is fresh water that your pet will want to drink. A hydrated pet is a healthy pet!

This cat and dog water fountain comes in a pleasing ceramic lotus design. The water flows from a top tier into a lower basin from three different points. The movement of the water will entice curious pets to drink from this dog and cat drinking fountain. Multiple streams allow more than one pet to drink at the same time. The pretty design of the Drinkwell Lotus Ceramic Pet Fountain will fit right in with your home’s existing décor.

The Lotus Pet Fountain can function as a cat drinking fountain and dog water fountain. It works best for pets less than 25 pounds. The submersible pump is quiet, so the fountain won’t disturb your household. When you want to clean this fountain, just pop it in the dishwasher.

This cat and dog water fountain is ideal for pet parents with an irregular schedule or who want the convenience of a low-maintenance hydration solution. When you have this fountain in your home, you don’t have to worry about your pet drinking stale, standing water. The Lotus Fountain will ensure continually clean and fresh water for a healthy and hydrated pet.

Drinkwell Lotus Ceramic Pet Fountain

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  • Functions as a cat drinking fountain and small dog water fountain
  • Continuously circulates and filters your pet’s water
  • Keeps water cleaner and fresher than a standing water bowl
  • Free-falling stream of water encourages pets to drink more water
  • Replaceable foam filter traps debris and hair
  • Features a low-voltage submersible pump for safe and quite operation

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