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Healthy Select Millet Snips
Healthy Select Millet Snips
Healthy Select Millet Snips

Healthy Select Millet Snips

Intended for bird consumption, Healthy Select Millet Snips makes an excellent snack for your favorite fine feathered friends. From playful parakeets and dainty canaries to energetic conures and talkative parrots, millet snips are a satisfying and healthy treat for all domestic birds. Meanwhile, you can feel good about giving these delectable Healthy Select bird treats to your fine feathered friends, since they are 100% natural. Ideal for practically all domestic bird species, this type of millet snips from Healthy Select is even perfect for birds that have a tendency to be destructive feeders. In addition to providing birds (that are destructive feeders) with the delicious seeds they enjoy, Healthy Select Millet also provides birds with the satisfaction of shredding the fibers and natural millet packaging that encase these delicious seeds. This not only helps to prevent boredom by keeping birds contently occupied, but it also helps to satiate a destructive urge to shred food, toys and other surroundings. Easy to administer, simply place in your bird's food dish weekly or as needed. Treat your pet bird to the satisfying crunch of natural millet snips and feel good about choosing this delicious treat from Healthy Select.

Healthy Select Millet Snips

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  • A daily, healthy treat for all species of pet birds
  • So delicious, it's practically every domestic bird's favorite bird treat
  • No preservatives
  • Natural sun-cured millet snips
  • Easy to administer-- simply place in pet's food dish

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8 oz.
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Healthy Select Millet Snips
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