Wellness CORE Puppy Food
Wellness CORE Puppy Food
Wellness CORE Puppy Food

Wellness CORE Puppy Food – Wellness Dog Food & Grain Free Dog Food

Puppies have special dietary needs so that they can grow into healthy, strong and happy adults. Nourish your young friend with Wellness CORE Puppy Food, a protein-focused, grain free dog food.

Wellness CORE Puppy Food provides complete nutrition in a delicious recipe your puppy will love. The first ingredients in this grain free dog food are chicken and turkey. These high quality protein sources help build the muscles your puppy needs to run, play and enjoy an active life. Proteins also give this Wellness dog food a mouth-watering taste that your pup will adore.

This recipe also includes wholesome fruits, like apples and blueberries, and greens, such as parsley, kale and broccoli. Together, these fruits and veggies pack Wellness dog food with essential phytochemicals, micro-nutrients and antioxidants that support immune health. Salmon oil and omega-3 fatty acids are also present in Wellness CORE Puppy Food. Salmon oil is a natural source of DHA, which supports brain development. Omega-3 fatty acids will help give your puppy a shining coat and healthy skin beneath. Guaranteed calcium and phosphorus levels help support the development of your dog’s teeth and bones.

Altogether, this Wellness dog food helps nourish your puppy to the CORE. The recipe controls fat and calorie levels so that you pooch receives optimal energy and can grow into a fit adult. This grain free dog food is also notable for leaving out unnecessary ingredients. You won’t find ay meat byproducts, gluten, wheat, corn or soy in this formula. It also does not have artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Instead, this tasty puppy food contains all-natural flavor packed into small kibbles.

Start your puppy’s journey into adulthood right with this complete and healthy puppy diet.

Wellness CORE Puppy Food

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  • Natural, protein-focused, grain free dog food just for puppies
  • Contains optimal calories in small, bite-size kibbles
  • Wellness dog food controls fat, calories, calcium and phosphorus levels
  • Salmon oil, a natural source of DHA, helps support brain development
  • Complete and balanced diet for everyday feeding
  • Made in the USA

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