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Exo-Terra Turtle Pebbles

Exo-Terra Turtle Pebbles

Our Exo-Terra Turtle Pebbles are smooth river pebbles that have rounded over time in fast moving rivers. The smooth pebbles prevent injury to bottom-dwelling or foraging turtles. The variations of colors and patterns create a natural-looking riverbed. These Turtle Pebbles are sized for turtles with a shell diameter of larger than 4" to prevent accidental ingestion. Easily clean & re-use Exo-Terra Turtle Pebbles by soaking and disinfecting them in a large bucket of water for 15 minutes, rinsing until all of the visible particles are removed and the water runs clean.

Exo-Terra Turtle Pebbles

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  • Creates a natural looking riverbed
  • Smooth river pebbles that have rounded over time
  • Smooth pebbles prevent injury to bottom dwelling or foraging turtles
  • Safe for turtles over 4"
  • Easy to clean

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10 lbs.
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