Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus
Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus
Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus

Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus - Spacious Indoor Rabbit Cage with Wire Rabbit Cage Top and Plastic Base from petco.com

Take your rabbit's living experience to the next level with the Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus. This two-story indoor rabbit cage features a full 8 square feet of living space for your floppy-eared friend. This wire rabbit cage makes excellent use of vertical space, providing your rabbit with two raised platforms as well as the base floor. The whole package is so efficient it requires only 2 feet of packing material!

The Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus base and wire cage are packaged in two separate pieces that only need one-time assembly; once it's put together, you'll never need to take it apart again. The functional design and easy assembly make this indoor rabbit cage as easy for you to put together as it is fun for your pet. Your rabbit will just love going up to the raised platforms via the 2 wavy ramps that lead to and from the base.

This wire rabbit cage features two access doors in the front (each with lock tabs) as well as two doors in the roof that securely latch shut. Use any of them to clean out your rabbit's home or play with your pet. This new locking system makes the Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus both exceptionally safe and secure for your small pet.

The Rabbit Home Plus indoor rabbit cage is designed with mobility and portability in mind. Six rolling casters attach to the base of the setup, making it easier to move it from place to place. The wire rabbit cage design, while spacious for your pet, is easy to transport for the benefit and convenience of pet parents.

Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus

Internet Price: $149.99   Today's Price: $103.77  (Save 31%)

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  • One-time assembly for permanent use
  • Well-ventilated wire rabbit cage with durable two-level base
  • Spacious indoor rabbit cage - 8 square feet of living space for your pet
  • Features front and top access doors that securely latch in place
  • Two wavy ramps and shelves expand the living area
  • Designed with 6 casters for easy mobility

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42" L X 16.5" W X 24" H
SKU: 1545701

Kaytee Rabbit Home Plus, 42" L X 16.5" W X 24" H
$149.99 $103.77

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