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WARE Living Room Series Ferret Home

WARE Living Room Series Ferret Home – Ferret Cage & Rat Cage

Ferrets are curious and energetic pets. Give your adorable family members a large and engaging habitat with the WARE Living Room Series Ferret Home. This handsome habitat can function as a spacious ferret cage or rat cage. Its many included features will ensure that your pet is always comfortable and occupied.

The WARE Living Room Series Ferret Home provides you pet with plenty of space to move, explore and play. The habitat utilizes vertical space to promote exercise and to take up less room in your home. The ferret cage comes with adjustable shelves and ramps, which will encourage healthy exercise. Entice your pet to climb the ramps by using the different shelves as places for a food dish or fun toys (sold separately). The habitat also comes with a comfy hammock that offers the perfect resting spot for your cute ferret.

The WARE Living Room Series Ferret Home is an attractive structure that is built to last. Constructed with high quality steel, this ferret cage will keep your pets safe and secure. A silver finish provides a refined look and is safe for your pet.

This spacious habitat provides plenty of access to your pet. When you want to take your ferret out to play, use the two large front access doors or the two large side access doors. These large doors also make it easy for you to add new accessories or to rearrange the shelving to better suit your pet.

This habitat makes cleaning is a breeze. A slide-out tray makes it easy for you to dump out soiled bedding and add fresh. The habitat also comes with rolling casters that lock in place. These wheels allow you to move the habitat to the perfect spot in your home and then to lock the wheels so it stays in place.

This habitat may also function as a rat cage. Rats are also curious and active pets and will enjoy climbing the ramps and exploring the different platforms of this habitat. Give your rats a spacious and beautiful rat cage with this high quality option.

WARE Living Room Series Ferret Home

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  • Large and handsome ferret cage comes with adjustable shelf ramps and comfy hammock
  • Pull out tray for convenient cleaning
  • Strong steel finish for durability and security
  • Locking casters allow convenient mobility
  • May also function as a suitable rat cage

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32" L X 20.75" W X 50" H
SKU: 1597361

$209.99 $174.99