Hagen Living World Ferret Habitat
Hagen Living World Ferret Habitat
Hagen Living World Ferret Habitat

Hagen Living World Ferret Habitat – Ferret Cage & Rat Cage

Give your adorable pet a cozy and secure home with the Hagen Living World Ferret Habitat. This wonderful habitat functions as a ferret cage or rat cage. It comes with a variety of accessories, features easy access and is a breeze to clean!

The Hagen Living World Ferret Habitat comes with a lot of interactive accessories that help make this ferret cage an enjoyable home for your pet. A deep base gives your pet plenty of room to move and stretch out. The corner toilet helps save space and gives you the opportunity to litter train your pet. A ramp leads up to a platform where you can place the included food dish. You can also place treats or other toys (sold separately) on the platform to give you pet a reason to climb up and explore. This fun habitat also comes with a hammock for cozy and secure naps!

The Hagen Living World Ferret Habitat gives you easy access to your pet. This ferret cage features a roof that opens fully, so you can reach inside take your pet out to play. A wide front door offers additional access. These big access doors make it easy for you to add new toys or rearrange the accessories in the habitat. The roof securely latches shut so you don’t have to worry about escapes.

When the bedding or litter area gets dirty, just move your pet to a secure location and then pop the wire cage off the plastic base. This feature makes it easy for you to dump out soiled bedding or to clean out the litter area. Add fresh bedding, snap the wire cage back in place and your pet’s habitat will be fresh and clean again.

This habitat has a flat base and can sit on a table, a large counter or other sturdy surface in your home. It assembles easily in minutes and does not require any tools.

You can easily adapt this ferret habitat into a rat cage with a few modifications. Consider changing out the hammock for an exercise wheel (sold separately) to make this habitat a wonderful rat cage.

Hagen Living World Ferret Habitat

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  • Roof opens fully, providing wide access to ferret cage
  • Comes with food dish, corner toilet, comfy hammock and platform with access ramp
  • Assembles in minutes; no tools required
  • Deep base detaches easily and makes cleaning convenient
  • Can also be used as a rat cage

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30.7" L X 18.9" W X 27.6" H
Wire Spacing: 0.39" Width
SKU: 1567110

Hagen Living World Ferret Habitat
$149.99 $118.96



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