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Petco Guillotine Nail Clipper for Dogs
Petco Guillotine Nail Clipper for Dogs
Petco Guillotine Nail Clipper for Dogs

Petco Guillotine Nail Clipper for Dogs – Dog Nail Clippers & Pet Nail Clippers

Trim your dog’s nails with the Petco Guillotine Nail Clipper for Dogs. These professional quality pet nail clippers feature a stainless steel blade and guillotine-style design. The blade and design of the dog nail clippers provide excellent precision so you can trim your dog’s nails quickly and easily. With good quality pet nail clippers, regular grooming and nail trimming can turn into quality time that you spend with your dog.

Trimming your dog’s nails is essential to your pet’s health and happiness. Long nails can cause discomfort, pain and in some circumstances illness or injury. They drag on the ground and snag on everyday surfaces like carpets or plants. The can splinter or split, opening your dog’s nail to germs and infection. By regularly trimming your pet’s nails with quality dog nail clippers, you can make sure that their feet stay healthy and comfy all the time.

The Petco Guillotine Nail Clipper for Dogs lets you easily place and clip your dog’s nail one at a time. By controlling the placement of your dog’s nail in the pet nail clippers, you can ensure a consistent and safe trim. These dog nail clippers feature an ultra sharp blade that trims the nail rather than crushes it, reducing the chance that you might cut the quick in your pet’s nail.

With the Petco Guillotine Nail Clipper for Dogs, you can make nail trimming a quick, precise and painless activity for your pet. With positive reinforcement, dogs may even look forward to nail trimming time. Turn grooming into quality pet and pet parent time with performance tools from Petco.

Petco Guillotine Nail Clipper for Dogs

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  • Professional quality dog nail clippers
  • Stainless steel blade for precise, properly trimmed nails
  • Cuts through the toughest nails quickly and effortlessly
  • Rubber gripped handles for a non-slip, comfortable grip
  • Pet nail clippers ideal for household grooming and nail trimming

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6" L X 2.5" W
For Large Breeds
SKU: 1476912

Petco Large Guillotine Nail Clipper for Dogs
$10.99 $7.14

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Petco Nail Clipper for Dogs

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