Thundershirt Pink Polo Dog Anxiety Solution
Thundershirt Pink Polo Dog Anxiety Solution
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Thundershirt Pink Polo Dog Anxiety Solution

ThunderShirt Pink Polo Dog Anxiety Solution – Dog Anxiety Wrap and Dog Anti-Anxiety Shirt

Help your dog stay calm and relaxed with the ThunderShirt Pink Polo Dog Anxiety Solution. This functional and fashionable dog anxiety wrap surrounds your dog’s body with constant, gentle pressure that has a remarkable effect on the canine nervous system in many dogs. It requires no additional training and provides a medicine-free solution. By just wearing the dog anti-anxiety shirt, your dog may feel more relaxed and look great too!

Dogs can experience fear and anxiety in a variety of situations such as separation, meeting strange people or dogs, traveling and hearing loud noises. Symptoms of anxiety can include behaviors like barking, jumping, whining, shaking and many more. Originally designed to help a dog with a fear of thunderstorms, the ThunderShirt Pink Polo Dog Anxiety Solution calms dogs by providing constant pressure to the body. Anxieties are released and stressful behaviors are reduced, allowing your dog to enjoy previously stressful situations rather than be afraid of them. For dogs with more complicated anxieties, the ThunderShirt can be a tool as part of a larger anxiety training program in consultation with a dog behaviorist.

This dog anti-anxiety shirt can be put on during or in anticipation of stressful situations. It can also be worn by overexcited dogs to calm their enthusiasm. The adjustable straps wrap around the torso and chest, providing gentle pressure but not limiting your dog’s mobility. This dog anxiety wrap fits snuggly around your dog without getting in the way of other dog accessories like harnesses.

The ThunderShirt Pink Polo Dog Anxiety Solution is made with a lightweight, durable and breathable fabric for maximum comfort. When the dog anxiety wrap gets a little soiled, simply machine wash cold and hang to dry. The ThunderShirt dog anti-anxiety shirt in adorable pink and gray is available in a wide variety of sizes to suit all types of dogs.

Thundershirt Pink Polo Dog Anxiety Solution

Internet Price: $44.95

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  • Wearable solution can dramatically improve stress and anxiety
  • Drug free and easy to use dog anxiety wrap
  • Machine washable, lightweight, breathable fabric in a pink and gray polo style
  • Dog anti-anxiety shirt wraps around the body to provide gentle, constant pressure
  • Comfortable and effective without restricting your dog’s movements
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit all dogs
  • Adjustable so you can provide the best fit for your dog

Shipping Usually Leaves Warehouse within 24-48 hours

For Chests 38"-50"
For Dogs Over 110 lbs.
SKU: 1568388

Thundershirt Pink Polo Dog Anxiety Solution, XX-Large



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