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Short Haired Hamster
Short Haired Hamster

Live small animals available only in Petco stores. Selection varies by store. Check your local store for availability.

Short Haired Hamster

Short Haired Hamsters

Short Haired Hamsters, also known as Syrian hamsters, have long been a fan favorite! They are adorable, clean, easy to care for, and entertaining. Their slower movements compared to those of dwarf hamsters make them a bit easier to handle. When hamsters are asleep, they are out! But when they are awake they appreciate an exercise wheel or run-about ball to help them burn off energy. Hamsters have teeth that grow continuously throughout their life, so they should be provided with chew sticks to prevent the teeth from becoming overgrown. Short haired hamsters are the perfect fit for any family looking for a quiet pet with a big personality!

Short Haired Hamster

Available for sale in Petco stores.

Native To: Syria

Adult Size: 5-6"

Care Level: Beginner

Scientific Name: Mesocricetus auratus

Most Active During: Dawn & Dusk (crepuscular)

Life Span: 2-3 years

Eats: Hamster food, timothy hay and vegetables.

  • Hamster teeth grow continuously throughout their life so they should be provided with chew sticks to prevent them from becoming over-grown.

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Short Haired Hamster
Available in Petco stores

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