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Gerbils are very active and social animals. Their gregarious nature and the fact that they are diurnal (active during the day) make them a terrific companion for children.  They enjoy burrowing, digging tunnels, and hiding their food. Gerbils are best kept in same-sex pairs and should be introduced while young. Like many other small animals, their teeth grow continually throughout their life, so it is important to provide chew sticks to keep their teeth from becoming over-grown. Gerbils have a scent gland on their stomach and can often be seen rubbing their tummies on things to mark their territory. Gerbils are very clean animals and enjoy a good dust bath once a week. Gerbils have a lot of energy to expend, so an exercise wheel or exercise ball will provide hours of fun and entertainment for both you and your gerbil!


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Native To: Asia

Adult Size: 5"

Care Level: Beginner

Scientific Name: Meriones unguiculatus

Most Active During: Daytime (diurnal)

Life Span: 4-5 years

Eats: Gerbil food, timothy hay and vegetables

  • Gerbils will pound their back legs on the ground when excited. This is called "thumping" and is most common in younger gerbils, but also occurs with adults.

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