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Marineland LED Aquarium Light Bar
Marineland LED Aquarium Light Bar
Marineland LED Aquarium Light Bar

Marineland LED Aquarium Light Bar

Update the look of your aquarium with this LED aquarium light and a glass canopy (sold separately). LEDs are the future of aquarium lighting and the Marineland LED aquarium light is the perfect way to upgrade an existing aquarium with this advanced lighting technology. Long-lasting 60mW LEDs. Never replace a light bulb again. Energy-efficient, low-voltage power supply helps reduce energy costs. Daylight LEDs create a shimmering light that mimics the natural underwater effect of sunlight. Three-position switch -- on, blue (night), off -- lets you control the settings. Night light LEDs allow for nighttime enjoyment of the aquarium. No mercury in LEDs, making them better for the environment than traditional aquarium lighting. The low-voltage AC adapter is energy efficient, saving money on your electric bill. 42 White and 3 Blue LEDs with a total of 310 lumens.

Marineland LED Aquarium Light Bar

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  • Natural shimmering light
  • Night light effect
  • Never replace a light bulb again
  • Energy efficient
  • Three position switch -- on, blue (night), off

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11" L X 4" W X .75" H
For Aquariums up to 30" long
4.62 Watts
SKU: 1556614

Marineland LED Aquarium Light Bar, 11" L X 4" W X .75" H
$49.99 $37.61



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