Veiled Chameleon
Veiled Chameleon

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Veiled Chameleon

Veiled Chameleon

Chameleons are often perceived as difficult reptiles to keep, "for advanced keepers only", and while this may be true of some types of chameleons, it is a common misconception about Veileds. When provided with the proper care information and set up correctly, Veiled Chameleons can be a great pet for all owner levels. Like most chameleons, handling can be very stressful on the animal and can ultimately lead to a shorter life. Always use caution when handling chameleons, move slowly and keep handling to a minimum. While handling is not prohibited, the best thing for the animals is to allow them to spend most of their time in their habitat, where they feel most comfortable. Their habitat should be mostly or all screen, especially as they mature. This will allow proper air flow and ventilation, reducing risk of skin and respiratory illnesses. Adult males can also become stressed by their reflection, as they are territorial. A juvenile chameleon will grow quickly so it is important to recommend a habitat large enough to keep a sub-adult chameleon. The interior decor should consist of many branches, artificial vines and plants, as these lizards are arboreal. The most commonly used plant is a ficus tree, which the chameleon may also eat from occasionally. Pothos is also an acceptable option for live plants. Chameleons do not require a substrate, as they are rarely on the ground; however you can use moss or coconut fiber bedding, which will also help to maintain some humidity in the habitat. A water bowl is essentially useless, as chameleons do not recognize sitting water. This is why it is important to mist the habitat daily or use a dripper to provide constant access to a moving water source.

Lighting & Heating Requirements: UVB. Daytime heating with incandescent day or basking bulb. Nighttime heat from red or black incandescent or heat emitter.

Veiled Chameleon

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Native To: Yemen

Adult Size: 12-18", males typically the larger

Temperature: 75-90°F; basking 95-105°F

Care Level: Intermediate

Scientific Name: Chamaeleo calyptratus

Most Active During: Daytime (diurnal)

Life Span: 5+ years

Eats: Crickets, mealworms, wax worms; dusted with calcium and vitamins 2-3 times per week.

  • Veiled Chameleons are largely popular due to their appearance, including protruding eyes that swivel 180 degrees, attractive pattern and a large crest or "veil" on top of their heads.
  • One of the uses for this crest is to collect moisture and drip downwards towards their mouths.

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Veiled Chameleon
Available in Petco stores

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