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Tomato Frog
Tomato Frog

Live reptiles available only in Petco stores. Selection varies by store. Check your local store for availability.

Tomato Frog

Tomato Frog

Tomato Frogs are exactly what they sound like-bright, round and red colored frogs. However, it is not uncommon for younger frogs to be appear more of a brownish red. They will grow into their color, think of it as a tomato ripening. You can keep Tomato Frogs in small groups in a 10 gallon terrarium. These frogs are notorious for hiding and will burrow, so décor should be provided for hiding and substrate should be deep enough for them to burrow. Moss is also a great option to promote humidity and provide further hiding spaces. Always provide frogs with an ample, clean water source.

Please note: It is important to wash your hands before and after holding or interacting with a frog. This important for their safety and yours.

Tomato Frog

Available for sale in Petco stores.

Native To: Madagascar

Adult Size: 1-4"

Temperature: 65-80°F

Care Level: Intermediate

Scientific Name: Dyscophus insularis

Most Active During: Nighttime (nocturnal)

Life Span: 5+ years

Eats: Crickets and mealworms; dusted 2-3 times per week

Tomato frogs are exactly what they sound like-bright, round and red colored frogs.

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Tomato Frog
Available in Petco stores

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