Leaf Tail Gecko
Leaf Tail Gecko

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Leaf Tail Gecko

Leaf Tail Gecko

Leaf Tail Geckos are a beautiful, nocturnal gecko that certainly catches the eye, if you can spot them! As a nocturnal animal, they are active at night and rarely move during the daytime. Their camouflage is incredible and they find themselves at home among lush plants since their natural environment is the rainforests of Madagascar. Opportunities to design a beautiful habitat for these geckos are endless, and while they are not extremely active, you want to provide them with a habitat with ample space to move around. They spend most of their time off of the ground because they are arboreal, so the taller the better. This particular gecko prefers not to be handled and is best suited for a pet parent who is looking to observe and enjoy this gecko in its beautiful terrarium environment.

Leaf Tail Gecko

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Native To: Madagascar

Adult Size: 6-8"

Temperature: 72-85°F

Care Level: Intermediate

Scientific Name: Uroplatus henkeli

Most Active During: Nighttime (nocturnal)

Life Span: 8+ years

Eats: Crickets and meal worms.

  • This gecko has no eyelids and uses its tongue to lick off any dust that gets on its large eyes.

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Leaf Tail Gecko
Available in Petco stores

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