Fire-bellied Toad
Fire-bellied Toad

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Fire-bellied Toad

Fire-bellied Toad

Fire-bellied Toads have long been a popular pet because of their bright green and red colors and their ease of care. They are active and great eaters, making them entertaining to observe. You can easily keep them in groups in a 20-gallon habitat. Always provide a large soaking bowl, as these toads like to spend a good deal of time soaking in water. Keeping the habitat moist and high in humidity is important. A great way to do this is to use terrarium mosses, which also serve as a great decor item to brighten up the habitat.

Fire-bellied Toad

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Native To: Asia

Adult Size: 2-4"

Temperature: 65-80°F

Care Level: Beginner

Scientific Name: Bombina orientalia

Most Active During: Daytime (diurnal)

Life Span: 5+ years

Eats: Crickets and worms

  • Named for the "fire" coloration on their bellies.

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Fire-bellied Toad
Available in Petco stores

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