Dumeril's Boa
Dumeril's Boa

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Dumeril's Boa

Dumeril's Boa

The Dumeril's Boa is a beautiful, ground-dwelling snake. Like other boas, they can be kept in a 20-gallon terrarium as juveniles, but they will require a large space as adults. Naturally occurring in the forests of Madagascar, these boas need a higher level of humidity kept in their habitat which can be aided by the use of a mulch-like substrate. While they do not require decor for climbing, they do enjoy ample space for hiding. Dumeril’s Boas are a docile and easily handled snake, which makes them attractive as a pet in more than just a physical sense.

Feeding tip: It is always recommended to feed snakes in a container outside of their habitat. This is the best way to help limit any feeding responses from being associated with the habitat. This will also keep any substrate from being ingested while eating. A secure, small plastic container is most commonly used. By keeping this container dark you help ease stress from being moved from their habitat.

Dumeril's Boa

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Native To: Madagascar

Adult Size: 5-7'

Temperature: 75-90°F

Care Level: Intermediate

Scientific Name: Acrantophis dumerili

Most Active During: Daytime (diurnal)

Life Span: 15+ years

Eats: Frozen/thawed rodents

  • Dumeril's Boas are terrestrial boas, which means they are mostly found on the forest floor, where their color pattern helps them to blend and camouflage.

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Dumeril's Boa
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