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Crocodile Gecko
Crocodile Gecko

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Crocodile Gecko

Crocodile Gecko

Crocodile Geckos are a reasonably small Mediterranean Gecko that enjoys relatively low humidity levels and plenty of rocks, ledges and crevices to climb on and hide in. A 20-gallon habitat is sufficient for 1 or 2 of these geckos. However, males should not be kept together. While their care is rather low maintenance, they are very fast and should be handled by more experienced reptile owners, though handling should remain limited. Crocodile Geckos are best for a pet parent looking to observe their reptile in their environment.

Crocodile Gecko

Available for sale in Petco stores.

Native To: Egypt, Mediterranean

Adult Size: 6"

Temperature: 70-85°F

Care Level: Intermediate

Scientific Name: Tarentola mauritanica

Most Active During: Daytime (diurnal)

Life Span: 8+ years

Eats: Crickets and mealworms.

  • Crocodile Geckos can change color from creamy-fawn to dark brown depending on the surface they are resting on.

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Crocodile Gecko
Available in Petco stores

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