Blood Python
Blood Python

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Blood Python

Blood Python

Blood Pythons are extremely attractive snakes known for their gorgeous patterns. They have also been known to be aggressive and their temperaments can be described as variable. This is one reason why a Blood Python is recommended for more advanced reptile keepers. They require ample handling time in order to make and keep them tame. Blood Pythons also get rather large, and while their length is not as extensive as some other snakes, they do get substantially larger in girth than other snakes. As with many other species, male Blood Pythons are typically smaller than females, though both require a large habitat and ample space. A Blood Python is a great aspiration for a young reptile keeper interested in keeping snakes as a hobby.

Feeding tip: It is always recommended to feed snakes in a container outside of their habitat. This is the best way to help limit any feeding responses from being associated with the habitat. This will also keep any substrate from being ingested while eating. A secure, small plastic container is most commonly used. By keeping this container dark you help ease stress from being moved from their habitat.

Blood Python

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Native To: Borneo

Adult Size: 4-6'

Temperature: 75-90°F

Care Level: Advanced

Scientific Name: Python curtus breitensteini

Most Active During: Daytime (diurnal)

Life Span: 15+ years

Eats: Frozen/thawed rodents

  • There are more than a half dozen color variations, or morphs of the blood python.

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Blood Python
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