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African Bouncing Toad
African Bouncing Toad

Live reptiles available only in Petco stores. Selection varies by store. Check your local store for availability.

African Bouncing Toad

African Bouncing Toad

African Bouncing Toads are named for their bouncing motion that helps them to distract and escape predators. This also helps them move through shallow pools of water. These toads can be kept together but need ample space for activity; keeping 2 or more will require a minimum of a 20-gallon terrarium.

Please note: It is important to wash your hands before and after holding or interacting with a toad. This important for their safety and yours.

African Bouncing Toad

Available for sale in Petco stores.

Native To: Africa

Adult Size: 2-4"

Temperature: 65-78°F

Care Level: Beginner

Scientific Name: Bufo regularis

Most Active During: Nighttime (nocturnal)

Life Span: 5+ years

Eats: Crickets and mealworms, dusted 2-3 times per week

  • Large, webbed hind feet help propel them through water.

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African Bouncing Toad
Available in Petco stores

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