Tetra Correct pH 7.0 Fizz Tabs
Tetra Correct pH 7.0 Fizz Tabs
Tetra Correct pH 7.0 Fizz Tabs

Tetra Correct pH 7.0 Fizz Tabs

Tetra Fizz Tabs are fast dissolving premeasured tablets that make caring for your aquarium faster, easier, and more convenient. Maintaining the proper pH of aquarium water is important to ensure a healthy environment. Changes in pH can be caused by the breakdown of waste or local tap water with low pH or low alkalinity. Correct pH maintains the recommended levels in your aquarium to prevent harmful fluctuations.

Tetra Correct pH 7.0 Fizz Tabs

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  • Maintains neutral pH in community aquariums
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces fish stress due to changes in pH
  • Holds proper pH for several weeks
  • Made in the USA

Shipping Usually Leaves Warehouse within 24-48 hours

Treats up to 80 gallons
Pack of 8 tablets
SKU: 1348892

Tetra Correct pH 7.0 Fizz Tabs, Pack of 8 Tablets
$3.99 $2.01
Repeat Delivery Price: $3.43

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