Royal Canin Siamese Adult Cat Food
Royal Canin Siamese Adult Cat Food
Royal Canin Siamese Adult Cat Food

Royal Canin Siamese Adult Cat Food

Is Your Siamese Cat Getting Everything She Deserves?
The Siamese is perhaps the most extroverted of the domestic cats. With a volatile and sometimes unpredictable temperament, they have a very strong personality and adore company, becoming depressed if neglected or left alone. They reach puberty early, and females can have their first heat by five months. The Siamese is more prolific than average and kittens, who are hyperactive and fearless, must be raised attentively. Grooming is required once or twice weekly.

Fitness Maintenance
The Siamese cat is a born athlete with well defined muscle mass, in a long, clean-limbed body.

Siamese Adult Cat Food is a protein rich, low energy food formulated to ensure a muscular figure without the accumulation of fat. High quality protein from chicken and l-carnitine, an amino acid which promotes the body's utilization of fat, work in synergy with conjugated linoleic acid to promote less fat and more muscle.

BioDigest Security
Gastric complaints (vomiting) are among the most common diagnoses among Siamese cats referred to veterinarians.

Siamese Adult Cat Food contains an optimal balance of fermentable and non-fermentable fibers to help regulate intestinal transit and provide energy to bacteria in the large intestine. Salmon oil, a source of omega 3, may help to limit inflammatory reactions in the intestine.

Oral Hygiene
The Siamese cat may eat up to 22 meals per day and the rate in ingestion is relatively high--10% more than the average observed among other cats.

The unique tubular shape of the Siamese Adult Cat Food kibble is easier to grasp with the incisors and encourages the cat to chew, resulting in a decelerated rate of ingestion which may help to control regurgitation. The larger surface area of the kibble may make chewing easier which contributes to the mechanical brushing action of dry food.

Royal Canin Siamese Adult Cat Food

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  • Protein rich, specially formulated for Siamese cats from 1 to 10 years of age
  • Promotes less fat and more muscle
  • Helps reduce gastrointestinal upsets, and promote good oral hygiene

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