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Petco Premium Tree Terrace for Cats
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Petco Premium Tree Terrace for Cats – Cat Tree Scratching Post & Cat Furniture Tree

The Petco Premium Tree Terrace for Cats is an excellent cat tower that will encourage your cat’s natural instincts to scratch, paw, climb, perch and nap. Whether you have one feline friend or multiple cute kitties, this interactive cat tree scratching post is sure to bring activity and entertainment into your home.

The Petco Premium Tree Terrace for Cats features multiple platforms that are perfect for climbing, perching and playing. Exercise is critical for both kittens and adult cats. A multi-level cat furniture tree can help kittens discover their innate abilities and allow adults to keep their leaping, climbing and pouncing skills sharp.

After all the exercise that the Petco Premium Tree Terrace for Cats provides, your furry feline may feel the need to indulge in a much-deserved cat nap. This cat tree scratching post features an enclosed condo that serves as a great hideaway for cats to rest, relax and snooze. The platforms and pedestals of this cat furniture tree also give your cat plenty of places to rest and observe activities around the house from an elevated vantage point.

This premium cat tree scratching post is made of soft lamb fur fabric for added comfort. It also features durable sisal posts that help encourage healthy scratching and clawing. Scratching not only serves as an enjoyable pastime for cats, but it is also allows cats to condition their nails, mark their territory and relieve stress and anxiety.

This cat furniture tree is ideal for a single cat household or a home with a few curious kitties. You’ll enjoy watching your cats take full advantage of this tree at playtime and during the day when it’s time for relaxation and snoozing. For added feline fun and entertainment, this premium cat terrace tree also comes with a dangling feather toy and a spring toy that your cats can play with during their games.

Petco Premium Tree Terrace for Cats

Internet Price: $149.99   Today's Price: $99.98  (Save 33%)

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  • Innovative cat tree scratching post with multiple levels for climbing and play
  • Premium cat furniture tree is ideal for multi-cat families
  • Durable sisal ramp and posts for scratching and clawing
  • Hideaway in middle section for rest and cozy cat naps
  • Equipped with dangling feather toy for added feline fun

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28.7" L X 35.8" W X 58.6" H
Condo Opening: 7.5" W X 8.7" H
SKU: 1427903

$149.99 $99.98

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